Plans After Lehigh

This will be my last post on this blog as the end of the semester is upon us and also I will be graduating in a couple weeks. I have five finals slated, but once I am finished with those I am officially done with my Undergraduate career! I have made several posts this year about interviewing for jobs and subsequently accepting an offer with Lockheed Martin. So, that is what I will be doing once I graduate. I will be starting my career as a software engineer in June and I am ecstatic about this opportunity. I feel I am well prepared to start this next chapter in my life in part because of my experience and knowledge gained here at Lehigh. I am grateful for my time at Lehigh and am happy I chose to come here. I encourage all prospective students reading this blog to choose Lehigh because you will not regret it!

All the best!

-Ryan ’15

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CSE-241 Project

I figure I’ll make a short post about my CSE-241 Databases Project. As other contributors on this blog have said, we needed to design a database system for a made-up enterprise that modeled that of a real one. Additionally, we needed to write a java program that provided users with an interface for interacting with the system. I had three interfaces: a Customer Interface, a Manager Interface, and Marketer Interface. Although receiving warning from friends who took this course previously, I did not listen to them about starting this project early. I definitely waited longer than I should have to really get started on it. Regardless, I did end up finishing and I was very pleased with my work and how all my interfaces turned out. They were all interactive and user-friendly I felt. The entire program came to nearly 3500 lines of code which is no small program. It was one of those programming assignments where once you finished, you took a deep breath and felt really good about yourself for getting such a large assignment done. This was the last project/assignment I turned in as an undergrad here at Lehigh. The final for CSE 241 is on the first day of finals next Tuesday, so I have already began studying and am looking forward to getting this course over with. Of all the courses I took this semester, CSE-241 was definitely my least favorite. It was a lot of work and the quizzes we a very strange testing format that I did not enjoy. However, I am still glad I took the course and acquired what I feel to be essential knowledge on databases.

-Ryan ’15

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Last Post for the Year

Today will be the last blog post for this school year. Coincidentally, this is also my last day of class for the school year even though it is only Thursday. The only classes I have on Friday are accounting and finance recitation which were both cancelled. The school year is so close to being over, but even when it is done, I will not be. I will be here this summer taking some courses in order to boost my GPA and put me ahead in terms of courseload. The most important class I am taking over the summer is calculus 2 because it is currently my lowest grade received at Lehigh. The difference on my GPA when I retake calculus 2 will be substantial, so I cannot afford to not retake it. It is great that at Lehigh when you retake class, you can keep the higher grade. I know other schools will not replace the grade but instead will take the average of the two grades. For the upcoming fall semester, I am sure I will be very stressed because of classes and because I have to start looking for internships. Hopefully next year goes as well as this year did.

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Summer Plans

Sophomore year flew by and now it is almost time to go home for the summer. Many people stay on campus over the summer and take classes, do research, work, or participate in one of the many programs that Lehigh offers over the summer. I have decided to go home for this summer, although I am considering staying on campus next summer. I am excited to go home and see my family and friends who I have not seen in several months. This summer I plan on having a computer science internship. I am a computer engineering major and am not sure if I will enjoy coding all the time so this will be a great learning experience and a way to see if I want to further pursue computer science or if I want to stick to a more hardware side. I am not really sure what to expect with this internship because I have never had a job like this before. On top of work, I hope to go on a few vacations over the summer. I just got my passport last month so I am considering going to Canada or Mexico with friends. It should be a very fun and interesting summer, but I am definitely going to miss Lehigh for the three and a half months.

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Final Review of Spring Semester

It’s hard to believe that this week is the last week of class for the spring semester. In college, time does fly. I think it takes a rocket ship for its transportation. Nevertheless, I want take the time to write my feedback on all the classes I have taken this semester. This semester I have taken 4 computer science courses along with 1 business minor class as part of my business minor program here at Lehigh. The computer science courses include CSE202, CSE216, CSE261, and CSE264 and the business course include BUS127. Overall, it has been a great learning semester for me and a lot of positives to take from it. Here is a quick review of what how I felt about the courses.

CSE202 Computer Organization and Architecture: This has been the most challenging class for me this semester and possibly one of most challenging class I have taken in the CSE department. The course covers many topics at a low level such as representing data, machine programming, cache, memory, system I/O, networking, etc. It was a challenge for me to keep up with the material.

CSE216 Software Engineering: This course has been very useful in terms of learning and understanding software development cycle which important when you are working for a company. When I was interviewing for companies, they would ask questions about software development and I would refer back to this course. The entire course basically revolves around working with a team to create a system software, in our case, a POS.

CSE261 Discrete Structures: This course covers logic and algorithms concepts that are important in compute science. It is a good basis leading up to other classes such as Algorithm. I felt indifferent about the class for the most part but learn a lot from it.

CSE264 Web Applications: This course is very useful I think for computer science students if they want to learn about web technologies especially web development and design. It is a very fast paced course and you get a broad and quick overview of different topics and complete mini projects throughout the semester. Highly recommend.

BUS127 Information Analysis and Financial Decision Making: In this business class you get a overview of financial accounting, managerial accounting, and information analysis that are crucial for today’s business. I found this course very interesting apart from the compute science courses because its completely a different domain.

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Web Application Final Project

As part of our final for CSE264 Web Apps, we are required to create a puzzle or game web application using the different tools we learned in class.The project is to gauge into how much the students have learned in the course and how they have utilize it. We could use anything from HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, AJAX, etc. that was covered in class to create our final project. After we create the web application, we could use Cordova to compile it into mobile version so it could be played on android phone. Currently, I am working on create a hangman game in which you have to guess the country. I am using mostly HTML, CSS, JavaScript to create the hangman game. Hopefully after I am done creating the game, I will use Cordova to compile into mobile native language. Below is a screenshot of the game so far:

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 11.17.43 AM

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Software Engineering Final Project

In CSE216 Software Engineering, during the course of the entire semester you work with a group of 5-6 students and create a software. The main goal of the class is collaborate with a team to create large-scale software systems. The objective of the course is to learn about the software life cycle, life-cycle models, software planning, testing, specification methods, and maintenance. It also emphasizes on teamwork and large-scale software systems, including oral presentations and written reports. The software we were required to create was a Point of Sale (POS) system of some sort that you allow a store to process sale, rental, and return. The POS our team created was for Video Game Store because that was what our inventory consisted of. The POS system was created using Java and mySQL for the database of inventory. During the entire course, every week we have scrum meeting with our team to discuss our progress and what needs to be done. Some weeks, the TA from the class would attend our meetings to make sure we were on the right track. This week was the final week to submit of software and documentations for it. Below is the picture of the final version of the POS:

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 10.28.48 AM

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