My Time in Chicago

Earlier I posted that I would be in Chicago for an interview with PwC. First of all, this was the first time I had ever flown by myself (I also don’t fly much in general). The entire trip was a new and exciting experience. The greatest part was that I didn’t need to pay for anything. Most of the students I met at the Chicago office were interviewing for management consulting whereas I was interviewing for technology consulting. My interview consisted of a case interview and a behavioral interview. We were provided the case 48 hours in advance and were told to look it over. At the office, we were given 45 minutes to prepare our presentation slides. After the prep time was over, we were taken to our interviewers. Ultimately, I have no idea how the case presentation went; I asked the interviewer how I did, but he said he was not allowed to tell me. I think that besides for the case, the interviews went smoothly. However, I believe that the case is the biggest factor in decision making so I am unsure of how much of a chance I have of receiving and offer. Like I mentioned earlier, I am thinking that Deloitte is going to reject me, so I was banking on PwC. I definitely could have done better at the interview, but at this point there is no point in worrying about what’s done. I should hear back from both firms sometime this week, so next time I write a blog post, I will likely tell you what happened. Stay in tune!

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PwC Interview Process and Etc

Apparently, today is when people heard back from last Friday’s PwC interviews. Also, if my interview process goes like other Deloitte position interviews, I might hear back today from Deloitte for a rejection email. I’ve pretty much been checking my phone to see if Deloitte has emailed me. I think that if I can get through the day without being rejected, there might be some hope for me (assuming offers weren’t sent out right after interviews). I’ve already moved my mind away from Deloitte because my PwC interview is in two days. I am given two days to prepare for the case interview. On the actual day of the interview, at my allotted time,  I will have 45 minutes to prepare slides for the case presentation. I thought that I would need to create actual PowerPoint slides, but apparently, I am just handwriting on blank papers. I heard from a friend who interviewed in NYC last Friday that the interview was quite difficult. PwC is my last chance at the Big 4 (assuming I don’t get Deloitte which I don’t think I did), so I am looking to perform well at Chicago.

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Post Interview Reflection

It has been a few days since my interview at Deloitte. First I should start off by saying that I only interviewed with Deloitte on Friday even though I was supposed to interview with PwC as well. Ultimately, the timing did not work out for both interviews, so I had to reschedule Pwc as I had already scheduled Deloitte’s interview first. Now I have to fly to Chicago this week to interview with PwC. This is not exactly what I wanted to do, so I have some very mixed feelings. As for Deloitte, it did not go as well as expected. First of all, I (and many others) thought that we would be getting dinner on Thursday night, but it was just a reception. Now for the actual interview, the first interview was average, neither great nor terrible. I was hoping to bank it on the second interview because my first one was not spectacular. However, as I was directed into the room, I noticed noone was there. Apparently, my interviewer got caught up in family issues, so he was unable to come to the interviewers. Therefore, I had a phone interview with another director. This was very unfortunate because I feel that a phone interview would put me at a severe disadvantage compared to a person to person interview. The recruiter told me and the other interviewee that a phone interview should make no difference, but I didn’t buy it. Not being face to face with the interviewer cuts out a lot of the impression that you can make. Needless to say, I was pretty upset at the situation, but there was nothing I could do about it. I am feeling that it is pretty unlikely that I will receive the offer, unfortunately. Hopefully, the PwC interview goes a lot better.

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Updates on Interviews

This week is a big week because I have my first office interview with Deloitte. It’s been about two weeks since I was invited, but now that the time is near, I am pretty excited. To my luck, something came up to make things more complicated. Last Thursday, I had an on campus interview with PwC for their technology consulting internship program. By now, this was my fourth interview, so I was pretty prepared for the process. I thought that I connected well with the interviewers and answered  the interview questions to the best of my extent. PwC told me they would get back to me in two weeks; they actually got back to me in 4 days. Somehow, Pwc’s interview ended up coinciding with Deloitte’s interview. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. If things go well, I can end up attending both interviews in a single trip to NYC. If things go south, I might have to choose between which one I would rather interview for. Deloitte’s interview is completely behavioral, while PwC’s interview consists of a behavioral interview and a case interview. If things do go wrong, I will have to likely take Deloitte’s interview as that was the first one I committed to.

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CSE-347 Data Mining Project

The professor posted one of the multiple competitions that we can work on for the project. Personally, I am pretty interested in the topic, but I will probably wait for a more financial oriented project to be released. This summary is the summary we have been provided:

Predicting the success of a project/campaign in its early stage is extremely important for crowdfunding environments (e.g., kickstarter). In this competition, you are challenged to build a predictor that can accurately predict the success chance of a kickstarter project after observing its early trend.

In particular, you have access to the following information:

  • The requested money of the project
  • The duration of fund raising campaign

You also observe for each project, during each of the first 10 days since its launch:

  • The number of tweets that mention this project (containing a link to the project webpage)
  • The number of replies to these tweets
  • The number of retweets of these tweets
  • The amount of pledged money
  • The number of backers

which captures the social influence of the project during its early stage.

Ultimately, we have to create a classifier that will predict a model with high accuracy. The more accurate, the higher chance there is that you can make the top 10% and get bonus points.

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Update on Class Progress

In the two weeks since I’ve last blogged (excluding the previous one), a lot has happened in my classes, mainly exams. I mentioned previously that I had some mixed feelings for my microeconomics class. I ended up getting an A on the exam, so I was quite satisfied. I know also know what to expect for the future exams so I can get an even higher A. Also, the teacher gave us a survey the class after the exams asking about her current teaching. I really appreciated the effort she put in because she took the survey really seriously. One of the main complaints the class had was that the homework assignments were quite difficult. She started making the homework assignments easier while still being a valuable learning tool. I’ve had new professors that do not bother to adapt their teaching style, and those classes turn out pretty rough. For CSE-347, I previously mentioned that I was really nervous about the exam. I actually thought the day before the exam that I might fail the exam. The concepts just seemed so difficult and were all math oriented not even CS. I just studied the homework assignments and slides and hoped for the best. The test turned out to be a lot easier than I expected. I did a lot better than what I thought and scored above average. The only unfortunate aspect is that CSE-347 has only a midterm and final, so I do not have as much room to improve as with 4 o’clocks. I have one more exam on Friday, but I am not too worried as I am allowed to take 2 full pages of notes.

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Update on Interviews

It has been more than two weeks since my last post. This is partly because of how busy I was and also that I was helping around at work instead of blogging. For my last post, I talked about my then upcoming first interview with Deloitte (already had the interview). Besides the Deloitte interview, I also had another on campus interview with a mid sized accounting firm as well as a phone interview with a financial services company. My Deloitte interview, as mentioned earlier, was my first interview ever. I prepped what I could, but I was still nervous during the interview. I interviewed with two senior managers from the cyber risk practice. I was really nervous for the first one, and it definitely showed. I answered the interview questions to the best of my ability. I was a lot more relaxed for the second interview with the next senior manager. Even though I was more relaxed, I was asked a question that I was unable to answer completely. By the finish, I thought I had done poorly overall. However, yesterday I was called by the head recruiter and was told that I was invited for the final round of interviews at Deloitte’s NYC office. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised. From what I’ve read on the internet, the final round of interviews is going to be an overnight stay at a hotel followed by about 4 hours of interviews at their office. This will be my first time experiencing anything like this, and I am super hyped. After my first round with Deloitte, I was a lot more prepared for my interviews with the other companies that I was invited to interview with. I am still waiting to hear back from the other companies, but right now I’m just excited about the opportunity to interview again with Deloitte. If anyone is actually reading this and would like to ask me questions about my experiences shoot me an email at

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