First round of midterms

“Open book, open notes, EXAM!” Is the term they use for ECE introductory courses exam. Do not be fooled by this though, I am a living testimony to the fact that depending on the idea that you will have the text book or notes with you in the exam is the worst attitude.

I had my ECE081 midterm a few days ago. I went into the exam room well prepared with my notes and when the exam was passed for us to begin, I dint even think for once to look at my notes. I realized that I had four complex questions to solve in 50 minutes. I had no time flip back and forth through my notes. Take my advice, don’t go into such exams expecting to read through your notes. Make an equation sheet that will act as quick reference but have most of the stuff in your brain. Study for such exams as if you will not have access to your notes!

All in all, ECE is a fun class. The professor is enthusiastic and makes the class enjoyable.


About lujasper19

I am a second year student at Lehigh University. I come from Kenya, a country in East Africa. I am currently pursuing Electrical Engineering with an ultimate goal of bringing change in this field. I am also interested in being a leader and I will continue developing my leadership skills.
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