So this is Computer Science

As my first post on Lehigh’s Computer Science/Engineering blog, I’m going to kick it off with the obligatory explanation of how I got into this field. It’s funny to see how I got involved in a major that I never even considered before starting my college career. I hope that reading about my journey may help you understand how your major can quickly change from one to another.

    1. Discovery

      Throughout my time in high school, I took a lot of engineering classes through Project Lead the Way‘s program. Working with CAD and doing many design projects definitely held my interest, and I enjoyed blending my math and science skills with creativity. So I came into Lehigh thinking that I wanted to be a civil engineer, but I remained an undeclared engineer in case another field peaked my interest.

      For some reason, I felt lead to sign up for CSE002 (Fundamentals of Programming ) when I was initially registering for classes as an incoming freshman. I figured that if technology is making up such a huge part of the engineering and business industry that it might be useful to know the basics of computer science – a field that I had zero previous experience in. And it was in this class that I decided to change my major.

    2. The Switch

      Programming definitely did not come easily to me. However, I felt extremely rewarded and satisfied when I completed an assigned program, and I really enjoyed how computer science could be integrated into so many different fields. I figured that if I enjoyed it, was skilled at it, and if it was a growing field, that I would switch my major and commit to computer science.

    3. What did I just do?!

      As I continued courses in computer science, the material became increasingly challenging and confusing. I knew nothing about this field. My first exposure to this kind of stuff was my CSE002 class. It felt like I was being swarmed with words that I had never heard of before and had no idea what they meant. It was clear that the learning curve would be steep.
    4. And we’re just getting started

      After my mild panic attack :), I realized that college is the perfect place to delve into something that you have no previous experience in. There are so many resources available to you, and there are plenty of experts to help you along the way. Through my own research, asking professors for help in class, and participating in different events, my experience in computer science has grown immensely. I’ve participated in the Lehigh Hackathon, Microsoft programming competition, and mobiLEHIGH competition all within a year and a half. And I can’t wait to see what I’ll do next!



About danalishan

Dana | second-year student | Lehigh University | B.S. in Computer Science
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