Spring ’17

welcome to another season of Lehigh ECEs. The first episode (first few weeks) is of course as confusing as usual. actors(students) try to get used to their roles in the play and master their lines among other responsibilities. In this ending episode, I mistakenly featured in a wrong scene. Confused, I stepped of the scene feeling stupid and ashamed. It always happens, when you have five or more classes, the chances that you will end up in the wrong class in the first week is high.  Interestingly, by the second/third week, you no longer need to refer to your schedule.

As a sophomore, my first semester was surprisingly hard and frustrating. A lot of 4 credit classes, and as you know, you don’t want to mess with those. Anyway, to another fresh semester, I welcome you back to ride through smoothly. Do not procrastinate. As it is said, it is never too early to start.

My favorite class this semester is…I don’t know yet. Here is to all ECE 123 people, that lab will kill you if you don’t prepare before hand. photo 2.jpg


About lujasper19

I am a second year student at Lehigh University. I come from Kenya, a country in East Africa. I am currently pursuing Electrical Engineering with an ultimate goal of bringing change in this field. I am also interested in being a leader and I will continue developing my leadership skills.
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