After Pacing break

Pacing break came at the right time of the semester when everyone was getting wary of school life, a lot of workload. I was personally excited because I really needed a break. It was just a snapshot and now we are back, as an electrical engineer, things do not get easy, you have to get used to it, you have to be tough.

Most second year classes start ten minutes past ten, not bad! I remember my first year had two classes at 7:55am, and it was really hard. As I always say, I would rather stay awake till 6 in the morning than wake up at the same time.

So its after pacing break and everything is smooth, a lot of homework, quizzes, them. For me, the trickiest assignments are ECE033 programming assignments; I remember the last assignment, i dint start working on it until the night that it was due. It was really frustrating. It took me and my friend straight 7 hours trying to figure it out, and fortunately, a few minutes before due time, we were able to finalize our program. You don’t want this to happen to. Stay on top of your assignment.



About lujasper19

I am a second year student at Lehigh University. I come from Kenya, a country in East Africa. I am currently pursuing Electrical Engineering with an ultimate goal of bringing change in this field. I am also interested in being a leader and I will continue developing my leadership skills.
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