Spring break and back

Spring break came just at the right time. Everyone was tired of 4 o’clocks and exams in general, and the semesters content was starting to get deep. The weather was not very promising either, so a break was necessary. Personally, I felt i could handle a few more weeks of school before calling for break but there it was. I had planned to visit friends down in Boston, Harvard university, but that didn’t happen for reasonsbeyond my control. The weather was expected to be very very bad down there. It was of course expected to be bad down in Lehigh valley too but i preferred staying home under such circumstances. So i chose to stay in Allentown with my friends and just passed our time watching movies, TV shows, and  sleeping.

Days went by so quick and I knew it was time to get ready for school once again. I had to leave the  comfort of friends and company and get back to my dorm room to finish up homework that are due immediately after break. Thats what it takes to be in college, more so the  college of engineering. Breaks mean more work for students to cover on their own. As this second half of the semester begins on Monday, every student should be ready to stay on top of things for the next couple months. The is no other break until summer, so lets hope we will all stay strong. Lets also hope that all the snow will melt away soon and that no one will break their legs.

Welcome back ECE buddies!




About lujasper19

I am a second year student at Lehigh University. I come from Kenya, a country in East Africa. I am currently pursuing Electrical Engineering with an ultimate goal of bringing change in this field. I am also interested in being a leader and I will continue developing my leadership skills.
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