Packard lab

Popularly abbreviated as PA, Packard lab is one of the oldest and yet most attractive gothic building on campus. It is the home to electrical,computer, mechanical engineers. The six story building will definitely be your home if your are in the ECE department.

Packard has plenty of study space, whenever you are bored with the library or just to get an alternate study area, Packard is definitely the option. Packard is also the place to relax. There so may displays, a collection of items from our founders and outstanding alumni,  that will motivate you in time of despair or work overload.

Packard is the place to go when you need help with homework, understanding some concepts, or just looking for advice. This is where all ECE teaching assistants, professors, and other faculty offices are located. Packard is also the place to be for social functions. PA 101 is one of the largest auditorium in campus and most organizations do their events.

I hope you are already in love with PA.


About lujasper19

I am a second year student at Lehigh University. I come from Kenya, a country in East Africa. I am currently pursuing Electrical Engineering with an ultimate goal of bringing change in this field. I am also interested in being a leader and I will continue developing my leadership skills.
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