Spring Semester

It’s been a while since my last post, so I will have a lot of updates to write about. First, I’ll start with the current spring semester schedule and will later discuss other updates. This semester I am taking 5 courses. I am taking 2 upper level FIN (finance) courses, 2 CSB courses, and 1 CSE course. I will list each individually and share my thoughts on the classes so far.

FIN-323 (Investments): This course feels like an extension to ECO-029 (Money, Banking, and Financial Markets). The teacher is very nice and seems to care about the students. The actual course content seems very easy in natures, and the homework we have had so far is easy. We also had a few “quizzes” which were just simple attendance checks. I hear the tests are straight from the homework which means that the class is probably going to be relatively straightforward and easy.

FIN-328 (Corporate Finance): This course feels like an extension of FIN-125 (Introduction to Finance). This class is a lot more math heavy compared to FIN-323. The class definitely seems harder, but honestly I find the class a lot more engaging than Fin-323. I suspect the exams will not be easy, but enough practice should help me through the tests.

CSB-311 (Computer Applications in Business): This class seems like it will be a lot of work. The material seems pretty dry, but because of the relevance of the coursework, I find it somewhat interesting. The class is pretty much about information systems and will likely be super useful given you are going into a career field related to accounting or IT.

CSB-312 (Design of Integrated Business Applications): This is our capstone project. We haven’t done too much yet so I can’t comment too much. The project we are working on is a data analysis systems for a museum using technology called iBeacons.

CSE-202 (Computer Architecture): This is my only CSE class this semester and will likely be my hardest course as well. CSE-202 is notorious for being a pretty difficult class. Some people love the class, and others hate it. Currently, I can’t say too much except that the lab assignments are pretty difficult so far.





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Hi, my name is Daniel, and I am in the Computer Science and Business Program.
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