PwC Interview Process and Etc

Apparently, today is when people heard back from last Friday’s PwC interviews. Also, if my interview process goes like other Deloitte position interviews, I might hear back today from Deloitte for a rejection email. I’ve pretty much been checking my phone to see if Deloitte has emailed me. I think that if I can get through the day without being rejected, there might be some hope for me (assuming offers weren’t sent out right after interviews). I’ve already moved my mind away from Deloitte because my PwC interview is in two days. I am given two days to prepare for the case interview. On the actual day of the interview, at my allotted time,  I will have 45 minutes to prepare slides for the case presentation. I thought that I would need to create actual PowerPoint slides, but apparently, I am just handwriting on blank papers. I heard from a friend who interviewed in NYC last Friday that the interview was quite difficult. PwC is my last chance at the Big 4 (assuming I don’t get Deloitte which I don’t think I did), so I am looking to perform well at Chicago.


About ludaniel17

Hi, my name is Daniel, and I am in the Computer Science and Business Program.
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