Now that a lot of companies have put up job/intern positions on LUCIE, many students will start interviewing. A few days ago, I was invited to my first interview. The interview is for a cyber risk advisory at Deloitte. I was pretty excited that I would get an opportunity to interview at Deloitte and surprised at the fact that there were only seven slots available for interviews. The funny thing is that two of my roommates also got invited to interview for Deloitte, so our suite is taking up a big chunk of those slots. The interview I was invited to consists of two back to back behavioral interviews each 30 minutes. My interview is scheduled for 1:15-2:15, which is after all my classes are done. After all the interviews are conducted, there will be a dessert reception which will also be a networking event. I am pretty nervous since this will be my first interview, but I am also exciting because I finally get to see what the experience is like. I will do a lot of research on what I should expect and may possibly attend some interview workshops as well. If I do well, I will be invited for the next round of interviews which will be hosted at one of the Deloitte offices. Hopefully I do well at the interview, but even if I don’t, it will still be a valuable experience.

About ludaniel17

Hi, my name is Daniel, and I am in the Computer Science and Business Program.
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