CSE 252 Project

One of the classes I am taking this semester is CSE 252, Computers, Internet, and Society. This class is considered a social science class and is required for Computer Science and Business majors (I’m not sure if CSE majors are required to take this class). One of the major components for the final grade in CSE 252 is a team project. This team project is worth twenty-five percent of our overall grade. For this project, we work in groups of three and have to create a twenty minute presentation or fifteen minute video. The topics of these project vary, but all of them have an ethical outlook to them. The topic our group chose was interactive gaming for profit. By interactive gaming, I mean something similar to back-seat gaming, where people watch other people play videos games and oftentimes interact with the player. The ethical problems behind this topic involve money and education. Some streamers (ones who stream themselves playing video games) make six figures by simply playing video games. These streamer, however, are in the top .01 percentile. Many people look at these streamers and aspire to be like them. A lot of gamers are college students. There have been many cases of college students dropping out of school to attempt to pursue a career as a streamer. Almost all of these people will fail trying to pursue a streaming career and also lose their chance at a higher education at the same time. This is quite problematic. Our goal is to conduct thorough research on this topic and present to the class about the situations arising from interactive gaming.


About ludaniel17

Hi, my name is Daniel, and I am in the Computer Science and Business Program.
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