CSE-347 Data Mining

A few days ago, I wrote my first post for the semester and noted that was anticipating CSE-347. Yesterday, our first assignment was due. While homework is only worth 20% of our overall grade, not being able to do the homework will affect your performance on exams and the final project. The first assignment consisted of five written questions either from the textbooks or original questions by the professor. The written questions were very straightforward and for the most part easy. However, the other half of the assignment consisted of two programming questions. My initial problem with the programs was that I had learned Python more than a year ago (some students haven’t even touched Python). It took me some time to get used to the differences between Python and Java. The first program required you to impute a data set that would come in the form of a matrix. The data set would contain missing values, and the program was to predict and replace these missing values using linear regression. Not only did I not remember how to do Python, but I also didn’t remember how to do linear regressions. Eventually, I figured out how to get the program to work, but not without a struggle. The second program required the student to take in a txt file and clean the file and output the text in a cleaned format. This program was a lot easier to write not because of the logic but because I had gone through the “hard part” writing the first program. Since I was finally used to Python, the second program took less than a fifth of the time the first program did. Even though the assignment was relatively simple, I was glad that I had finished it.


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Hi, my name is Daniel, and I am in the Computer Science and Business Program.
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