Junior Fall

It is great to finally be back here at Lehigh. Actually, it’s not like I’ve been away for that long because I was here at Lehigh for the second summer session. This semester is going to be far more busy than previous semester, not because of coursework, but because of the search for an internship. For the last few weeks, I have been polishing up my resume to hopefully give myself a shot at interviews for internships. I’ve had a few contacts take a look and critique my resume so that I could get a different view on how it looks. I think that in the next few days, I will also attend a resume workshop and see if I could get another opinion and hopefully valuable advice. I am kind of nervous about the whole process but excited as well. Honestly, the internship process feels like applying to colleges all over again. As for my classes, the beginning of the year started out fairly relaxed as always, but starting last week, the workload began to rapidly increase. I feel like everyday or two I have a program or homework assignment due (probably because I do). The class I am looking forward to the most is my data mining course. This class is the first professional elective I am taking, and I have high expectations for the outcome; it is also the first non mandatory upper level class I am taking (CSE 241, databases, is mandatory for CSB). I don’t have much to say about my other classes besides that they are all mandatory, relatively average in excitement factor, and contain a relatively high workload. This semester is going to be tough but hopefully rewarding as well.


About ludaniel17

Hi, my name is Daniel, and I am in the Computer Science and Business Program.
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