CSE-241 Project

I figure I’ll make a short post about my CSE-241 Databases Project. As other contributors on this blog have said, we needed to design a database system for a made-up enterprise that modeled that of a real one. Additionally, we needed to write a java program that provided users with an interface for interacting with the system. I had three interfaces: a Customer Interface, a Manager Interface, and Marketer Interface. Although receiving warning from friends who took this course previously, I did not listen to them about starting this project early. I definitely waited longer than I should have to really get started on it. Regardless, I did end up finishing and I was very pleased with my work and how all my interfaces turned out. They were all interactive and user-friendly I felt. The entire program came to nearly 3500 lines of code which is no small program. It was one of those programming assignments where once you finished, you took a deep breath and felt really good about yourself for getting such a large assignment done. This was the last project/assignment I turned in as an undergrad here at Lehigh. The final for CSE 241 is on the first day of finals next Tuesday, so I have already began studying and am looking forward to getting this course over with. Of all the courses I took this semester, CSE-241 was definitely my least favorite. It was a lot of work and the quizzes we a very strange testing format that I did not enjoy. However, I am still glad I took the course and acquired what I feel to be essential knowledge on databases.

-Ryan ’15


About luryan15

I am a senior Computer Science major at Lehigh University.
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