Final Review of Spring Semester

It’s hard to believe that this week is the last week of class for the spring semester. In college, time does fly. I think it takes a rocket ship for its transportation. Nevertheless, I want take the time to write my feedback on all the classes I have taken this semester. This semester I have taken 4 computer science courses along with 1 business minor class as part of my business minor program here at Lehigh. The computer science courses include CSE202, CSE216, CSE261, and CSE264 and the business course include BUS127. Overall, it has been a great learning semester for me and a lot of positives to take from it. Here is a quick review of what how I felt about the courses.

CSE202 Computer Organization and Architecture: This has been the most challenging class for me this semester and possibly one of most challenging class I have taken in the CSE department. The course covers many topics at a low level such as representing data, machine programming, cache, memory, system I/O, networking, etc. It was a challenge for me to keep up with the material.

CSE216 Software Engineering: This course has been very useful in terms of learning and understanding software development cycle which important when you are working for a company. When I was interviewing for companies, they would ask questions about software development and I would refer back to this course. The entire course basically revolves around working with a team to create a system software, in our case, a POS.

CSE261 Discrete Structures: This course covers logic and algorithms concepts that are important in compute science. It is a good basis leading up to other classes such as Algorithm. I felt indifferent about the class for the most part but learn a lot from it.

CSE264 Web Applications: This course is very useful I think for computer science students if they want to learn about web technologies especially web development and design. It is a very fast paced course and you get a broad and quick overview of different topics and complete mini projects throughout the semester. Highly recommend.

BUS127 Information Analysis and Financial Decision Making: In this business class you get a overview of financial accounting, managerial accounting, and information analysis that are crucial for today’s business. I found this course very interesting apart from the compute science courses because its completely a different domain.


About lunur16

I am undergraduate student at Lehigh University. I am from Allentown, Pennsylvania. My intended major is Computer Engineering and possibly a minor in Business.
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