Thoughts on my Classes

Now that the semester is essentially over, I can evaluate my thoughts on my classes. I’ll start with my ACCT 152 class. Having come from an awful teacher for ACCT 151, I came into ACCT 152 slightly scared because of what I had learned to expect. My professor for 152 ended up being a fantastic teacher and made all the lectures engaging. The tests were extremely fair too; I did not perform as well on the first exam as I had hoped I would, but I could not blame the test. I made sure to build off my mistakes and performed well on the next exam which was supposed to be harder too. My next class FIN 125 is a mixed bag. I had high expectations coming into the class, but towards the middle of the semester I found that the content of the class was pretty boring. The professor was great, so it wasn’t that bad, also the tests were fair. In an earlier post, I talked about MATH 205, so I won’t go into too much detail about it. MATH 205 is probably going to end up being my best class (grade-wise) for the semester simply because the professor is fantastic. My next class is MKT 111, which I actually had low expectations coming in. I always considered marketing as sort of a “joke” major and usually considered finance/accounting as the legit business majors. I actually found my marketing class to be very interesting and learned a lot of information that I think I can apply wherever I end up working. CSE 241 was probably the class with the most work. The teacher is very knowledgeable, but sometimes I find myself hard-pressed to stay awake for the whole lecture. Even though the class was a lot of work, I think CSE 241 was the “realist” class I took this semester in terms of skills that I could take to a work environment. In general, all of the classes I took this semester were great.


About ludaniel17

Hi, my name is Daniel, and I am in the Computer Science and Business Program.
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