Changing Majors

I am currently a Sophomore who switched from electrical to computer engineering this past semester and am really happy with my decision. It would not have been a huge deal if I did not switch this semester because only one of my classes changed. I was in a required electrical engineering class on semiconductors and switched in to a computer science class that is required during any semester. The class that I switched into (Discrete Structures) is a prerequisite for many other classes that I am interested in taking such as classes on algorithms. This semester, I have come to enjoy computer science much more, and parts of electrical engineering less. I find circuits to be very interesting, but I find the physics behind why these devices work to be boring and difficult. In my opinion, if you are undecided between these two majors, you should choose electrical engineering if you enjoy learning about electricity and physics, and you should choose computer engineering if you prefer programming. Electrical engineering majors are not required to take any computer science classes, although they will take a few classes that use Matlab. Computer engineering majors are required to take at least six computer science classes and can to make to fill technical electives. If you do not like circuits at all, then I would encourage you to choose computer science. The switch that I made is not for everyone and if you come in with AP credits, then you have a lot of time until you really need to decide between the majors, but I feel that I definitely made the right decision.

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