Computer Science Courses for Computer Engineers

There are 6 CSE courses that Computer Engineering majors are required to take at Lehigh. Others can be counted as technical elective but no others are required. The required courses that I have taken are CSE 2 and 17 which are Java classes and the intro classes for computer science, and CSE 261 which is a class on Discrete Structures – logic, algorithms, etc. One I have not taken is CSE 109 (System Software) which is a more advanced, programming intensive course which focuses on C++ I believe. Another is CSE 216 (Software Engineering) which is a class that involves many group projects and presentations and reports. It covers more of a business side of computer science. The final is CSE 303 (Operating System Design), which I hear is pretty difficult class because it is far more advanced than the other requirements. Although these are the only required computer science courses, many more are offered. I have chosen to take CSE 262 and 327 (Programming Languages and Artificial Intelligence respectively) as technical electives because I heard they were good classes.

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