CSE 241 Project Progress

I started seriously working on my CSE 241 final project on Friday. Over the weekend I put many hours into working on my first interface, which is essentially an online store for my enterprise. The main functions of my customer interface include a search by keyword, sort by type, view cart, add to cart, delete from cart, check out, register new user, view stores, and view purchase history. While this might not seem to complex, my total code ended up falling around 1300 lines. Honestly, I could have made the length somewhere around 800-900, but I had a switch statement that took about 600 lines of code. The reason why this function was so long was because I basically copied and pasted some code 10 times with a little bit of change. This might sound awful, but it does not actually slow anything down because the code does not run unless called. At the time, it was quicker for me to copy and paste my code rather than write a method that could take care of it. As of now, my customer interface is pretty much done. Now, I need to work on my manager interface and possibly another small interface.

About ludaniel17

Hi, my name is Daniel, and I am in the Computer Science and Business Program.
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