Prolog is a logic programming language that is used for a variety of applications. Some of these include expert systems, datalog, puzzle solving, and artificial intelligence. I have learned Prolog in two classes this year CSE 262 (Programming Languages) and CSE 327 (Artificial Intelligence). We just started Prolog in CSE 262 as an example of a logic programming paradigm language. Our professor said that we will be studying logic programming for the remainder of the semester. In CSE 327 we used Prolog in a artificial intelligence search way. We had to write a program that could answer questions based on a family tree. To me, Prolog is the easiest language I have encountered because I am very good at understanding logic. I am sure other people do not understand it as well, but I feel that it is something that you can grasp with little past programming experience. If you understand predicate logic, which I studied in both CSE 327 and CSE 261 (Discrete Structures), then Prolog will most likely be a language that you can easily program in. Prolog uses Horn clauses to solve queries. Prolog is very different from any language I have seen before, but I am sure that other logic programming languages are similar.

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