iPrize Finalists

This week, my partner, who I have been working with on our senior project app HotLava, and I entered a contest sponsored by the Baker Institute for Entrepreneurship here at Lehigh. The contest is called the iPrize. Lehigh University’s Baker Institute offers the iPrize, an annual cash prize for a new idea, invention or innovation. The iPrize is open to Lehigh students and finalists are required to exhibit during the Innovation Alley event at the annual Innovate! Celebrate awards dinner. We applied for the contest using our senior project idea, HotLava, which is a real-time mobile safety app for students.

We applied Monday and found out on Tuesday we had made the semi-finalists round. We had to submit what we would have to demo and present at the expo during the awards dinner. We didn’t hear back on Wednesday and we were slightly discouraged, thinking we did not make the finalist round. Then yesterday afternoon, we received an email informing us we were finalists and inviting us to the awards dinner next Tuesday! This is a great opportunity for my friend and I as we have aspirations of potentially commercializing our app and I’m sure some people in attendance will be venture capitalists. The guests are even given fake money in which they use to vote for their favorite idea.

I will be sure to update the blog on the results of the contest. I’m very optimistic since we feel our idea is a great one. Hopefully we can convince the judges to feel the same as us.

-Ryan ’15


About luryan15

I am a senior Computer Science major at Lehigh University.
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