In CSE 261 (Discrete Structures) we are begin to learn about algorithms. Algorithms are processes that lead to a solution. I already learned about algorithms in CSE 17 which is a class on Java and CSE 327 which is a class on Artificial Intelligence. This previous knowledge should make this topic very easy for me. Next semester I am taking CSE 340 which is actually a class on algorithms and I heard it is one of the most useful computer science classes at Lehigh. In CSE 261 we are going to learn search, sort, and optimization algorithms. Search algorithms try to find a solution or the best solution as quickly as possible. Sort algorithms may take an array or list and put it in a certain order. Optimization algorithms can be similar to the search algorithms in that they both try to find the best solution typically. Some examples of algorithms that I have learned so far are: bubble sort, merge sort, depth-first search, breadth-first search, greedy-search, A* search, etc.

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