Last 3 Weeks of Class

As of now, most people, including me, are done with 4 o’clocks. However, even with being done with exams, many students usually find themselves really busy. In  my case, I have 2 big projects coming up as well as another exam. Even though I took my FIN 125 less than 2 weeks ago, I will be having another one next Thursday, which kind of sucks. The main obstacle between now and finals is my CSE 241 project. Most of the project is done besides for the interfaces, which require the most work. We are recommended to write 3 interfaces with 1 of them being highly interactive (usually an online store interface). I have heard that students have written over 1000 lines of code for just that one interface alone, which is daunting. Being completely honest, I feel like this is something I could do in a single weekend if I really pushed it off (with a lot of caffeine of course), but I’ve been working on it little by little to avoid that. Hopefully, I can get through these next few weeks and make it to finals week without blowing up. It’s weird because I feel like finals week is going to be easier than these next few.


About ludaniel17

Hi, my name is Daniel, and I am in the Computer Science and Business Program.
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