CSE 241 Current Grades

Today in lecture, my 241 professor showed us the current grade distributions in the class. As of now, only total percentage points were possibly earned (of course, noone received all the points). He then preceded to show us the distributions of the percentages based off of our course site grades which are for some reason different from the actually percentage grade (I should have roughly 34/39 points, but I was shown as roughly 22%). The distributions are as follows:



17>20     Our professor mentioned that anyone above this point was in very good shape                        and pretty much likely to get an A. I’m somewhere in this range.


21>16     Above this point is still pretty good (probably B- to B+ range) with room for                           improvement

14>14     Below this point, you would need to work hard to get to wherever you wanna be,                   but it is definitely possible to pick yourself up since there is still roughly 60% left.







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Hi, my name is Daniel, and I am in the Computer Science and Business Program.
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