Recap from Google Information Session

I meant to make this post last week, but it slipped my mind. Last week Google came to Lehigh’s campus to give an information session about the company, a survival guide to being a software engineer in the real world and just general advice for underclassmen who aspire to work at Google. It was great hearing from the two Google NYC Software Engineers (SWE), especially since they were both Lehigh alumni which made their talk and testimony more personal because at one time they were just like us.

They split up their presentation into two parts. The first part was discussing Google, why it’s the best, and all the cool opportunities that are afforded to them. They each worked on separate teams. One was on the development team for GHire which is exactly what it sounds like – software that hires Googlers. The other was working on spam detection in GMail. Both sounds awesome! Each SWE talked about their experiences at Google and how they ended up there. It was quite incredible to hear about what it is like to work there. One of the speakers mentioned how he occasionally bumps into one of the original creators of C++ in the lunchroom and how his office is only two floors below and is always willing to help and talk. That’s awesome! I definitely feel it is that creative, incubative environment of some of the most highly-intelligent people in the world that makes Google great.

The second half of the presentation was spent giving advice to students on how to be successful and what Google looks for when they’re hiring for internship and entry-level positions. They basically stepped through Google’s Guide to Technical Development which can be found here: Google’s Guide to Technical Development. For any readers that are prospective students, this really is a great resource and sort of outline to keep in mind as you begin your undergraduate career. The link has plenty of other resources that can help anyone get started with learning how to program or independent projects which the speakers encouraged strongly.

They were also giving out prizes to anyone who asked good questions or answered theirs. Luckily, I asked a great question and got an awesome pair of Google socks 🙂 ! It was a great opportunity to hear from two software engineers at one of the world’s best companies on what it takes to be a good software engineer and what it’s like to work at Google.

-Ryan ’15


About luryan15

I am a senior Computer Science major at Lehigh University.
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