Today’s CSE 241 Lecture

In today’s CSE 241 class, we had our 4th quiz. This quiz was better than the third since we were able to choose four out of the six questions that we wanted to answer. I believe that the average for this quiz will definitely be higher than the last quiz’s abyssal average of 48. After the quiz we had a lecture on Microsoft Access which is Microsoft’s database program. Our professor told us straight out that this material is simply for us to say that we know Access just in case an employer asks. I thought that this was nice since we get a resume builder free of charge (we have only a homework and no other sort of assessments on Access). Microsoft Access is a lot more visually intuitive compared to the Oracle standard of SQL. Instead of writing queries, the user can choose which values he/she wants to view and work on (this might not be the most accurate description). The main problem with Access is that it is not reasonable to use with extremely large databases; Access is targeted for smaller usage databases. While I found the lecture interesting, I am glad that we will not be tested on the material because that is one less thing to worry about.


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Hi, my name is Daniel, and I am in the Computer Science and Business Program.
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