Scheduling begins next week and I am going into my Junior year in Computer Engineering. There is only one class that I need to take next semester and a lab to go with it so I have a lot of freedom with my schedule. I plan on taking a few Computer Science classes, only one of which I am required to take later on. The others I am just interested in. Lehigh offers a lot of three credit computer science classes that sound very interesting. The class that I am required to take next semester is an electrical engineering course, and will most likely be the last electrical engineering course that I take. Unfortunately, there are not any computer engineering courses that I can take next semester. Most of them are offered in the spring or require that you have a stronger background in electrical engineering and computer science. It seems weird that I will not be taking any computer engineering course; however, the electrical engineering and computer science courses have much overlap with computer engineering. I also might take an engineering class outside of these three fields, which is required. I can choose from a material science, mechanics, mechanical engineering, or industrial systems engineering course. I am not really sure which class I want to take, but I will be meeting with my advisor this week to decide.

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