MKT 111 Midterm Presentation

In my earlier posts, I talked about the project we had to work on in my marketing class. The events leading up to our presentation were somewhat stressful. We had decided to break up our project into three parts and work on them individually. One of our group members was late with his work because of external reasons, and me and the other member were starting to get worried. My first semester here at Lehigh I had to take BUS 001 where instead of a final exam, we had a big project. One of our group members kept making excuses and continued to tell us that he would finish his part. Eventually, we realized he was just not going to work at all, so we had to put together something last minute to fill out his part. After this incident, I have always been cautious about group projects and people that say “don’t worry I will get it done.” This person in my BUS 001 group ended up failing almost all his classes (he had under a 1.0 GPA) and moved back home. Thankfully, our group member for MKT 111 came through and finished his part (we were ready to fill out his part if necessary), and we ended up getting a 100 for the presentation.


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Hi, my name is Daniel, and I am in the Computer Science and Business Program.
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