Recap of mobiLEHIGH and Winners!

As my previous posts show, last Friday was the mobiLEHIGH Showcase! All the teams that entered and participated had the opportunity to showcase their game to students, general public, judges, and a class of middle school students. It was a fantastic turnout and all of the games were extraordinary! It was noticeable all the participants dedicated much of their time to their game. As I also mentioned in my post from last Friday, a class of local middle school students were invited to come try out the games and vote for their favorite! It a reach-out program in which the Programming Club hopes to get young students interested in game development and computer science at a young age. It is really a great idea; I wish I had that opportunity when I was in 5th grade.

The judges were also impressed with the games and amount of effort that went in to making them. There were a total of 3 awards given out at the end of the showcase: 5th Graders’ Choice, Lehigh Community Choice and Judges’ Choice.

The 5th Graders’ Choice Award went to the game “Cubes.” I have yet to find it, but it available for download on the Google Play Store. (Once I find it, I’ll modify this post with directions on how to find it). It was a really awesome, well put together game! It was a 3-D space game where you controlled an arrow space-ship by tilting and maneuvering the phone or tablet to collect points and avoid the cubes. The team even had a world-wide leaderboard set up. Many of the 5th Graders took a liking to this game and even downloaded it on their own phones right there and then.

The Lehigh Community Award as voted by Lehigh students in attendance went to “Heartbeat: The Game.” This was my favorite game and I even personally downloaded it. It is highly addicting. This game is also available on the Google Play Store. If you search from the home page of the Google Play Store the following: “Heartbeat Mega Mocha” it will be the first one to appear. “Mega Mocha Games” is the name for the developer the team came up with when uploading it. The game is a simple swipe-to-match game. The top and bottom border of the phone or tablet is either red or blue. Objects come into view that are either red or blue and the objective is to swipe them to the side matching the given color. The difficulty increases as the objects come quicker and the borders’ colors switch. Simple, but addictive. The two perfect characteristics of a mobile game.

Finally, the Judges’ Award went to the game “Flight of the Penguin.” The theme of this game is similar to many before it. It is a platform jump game where the penguin is constantly being shot upward and the goal is to consistently land on platforms and get as high up as your can. The unique part to this game was to navigate left and right while be shot upward, the user had to tilt his/her phone. The game had a lot of cool features and obstacles and was very well thought out.

It is to my belief that all three winners used Unity as their game engine. I had made a post regarding Unity previously when I was still competing in the mobiLEHIGH competition. I was not surprised at all to learn all the winners used Unity; it is a very powerful game engine and each team took advantage of it to cater to their needs.

All in all, the mobiLEHIGH competition and showcase was a success! It was a fun-filled two hour event with plenty of amazing games displaying Lehigh students’ capabilities and skills. I am upset I did not get to finish my game and participate being this is my last year at Lehigh, but I am glad all the other teams were successful and represented the Lehigh Computer Science department well! I expect the Programming Club to make this event even larger next year!

-Ryan ’15


About luryan15

I am a senior Computer Science major at Lehigh University.
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