CSE 241 Project Checkpoint 3

Recently (today or sometime today) we had our third checkpoint for our CSE 241 final project due. The first two checkpoints were focused on the design of our databases. For our third checkpoint, we were required to actually populate our databases. This might not sound that bad, but it could potentially take days if you do it the wrong way. For scope, if I had just ten tables that had perhaps five attributes, I would have a total of fifty attributes that would need to be populated. We are required to have about a hundred tuples in each table, so we would basically need 5000 different pieces of data. The most basic way to insert data into a SQL database is to write a SQL statement to insert the specific thing you want in the table. An example of this state would be something like “INSERT into table(column) VALUES(some_value)”. In order to populate your entire database this way , you would need to write 5000 different SQL statements. One of the easier things to do is to write java code that will automate this populating process. However, I believe I have found one of the easiest ways to populate my database. There is a website that will automatically generate the values of the table that I ask for (things like names and objects) and will essentially write the SQL statement that I need to run to insert all the values into my database; the SQL statement is really long, but since I don’t write it, it doesn’t matter to me. Finding this website saved me quite a bit of time because I do not know how long it would have taken me to write code to automate the data population.


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Hi, my name is Daniel, and I am in the Computer Science and Business Program.
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2 Responses to CSE 241 Project Checkpoint 3

  1. luryan15 says:

    What was the website?

    • ludaniel17 says:

      The website is generatedata.com it’s really useful but not 100% comprehensive. You can probably get 90% of what you need though. Good luck! You’ll have to tinker a bit.

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