Mac Laptops

Most electrical engineering, computer engineering, and computer science majors have laptops that use Windows; however, I decided to buy a Mac for college. I thought that Windows 8 was very confusing and I heard a lot of good things about Macs so I decided to get one. I think that my Mac is very convenient and have not had any problems with it except it is difficult or impossible to download some applications that I need to use for my classes. In ECE 33 (Introduction to Computer Engineering) we need to download an application to code in Assembly 8085 and it was only available for Windows computers, so I had to use a school computer to do all of the assignments on. I am not a person who goes to the library to do work so this was pretty inconvenient for me. This past week in CSE 327 (Artificial Intelligence), we had to write a program in Prolog and the application took me about 2 hours to download and figure out how to write code on my Mac. This was partially my fault, but I would not have had this problem if I had a laptop with Windows. I do not regret buying a Mac laptop because I believe that the benefits outweigh these few inconveniences, but I do admit that a Mac is not the best option for students with these types of majors. I would recommend not getting a Mac for anyone with these kinds of majors, unless you really like the features that Macs have like me.

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