MKT 111 Project Update

Tomorrow we will be presenting our group project for MKT 111. The way we tackled the project was to split up the requirements into reasonable chunks and work on them individually rather than meet up and work on them together. This method saves a lot of time but can cause issues of fragmentation; however, we will not really be affected by this because not all group members are required to know all aspects of our project. I was required to create a SWOT analysis of our brand Aquafina (in one of my earlier posts I mentioned SWOT). One of our group members preferred to work on the new product aspect of our presentation. This member is in IBE (integrated business and engineering), so this sort of thing up very familiar to him. We had a hard time deciding on a product for the Aquafina brand; ultimately, we decided to work on a filtered water bottle product. While this product is not new in itself, out group sought to improve on the existing market products. The main filtered bottle on the market right now is the Brita bottle. This bottle’s filter is located in the straw and makes it somewhat difficult to actually drink from the bottle. Our product will have a filter integrated into the bottle itself rather than the straw. The closest visualization would be something like a blender bottle type filter. We are not actually required to fully develop a product, just a concept.


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Hi, my name is Daniel, and I am in the Computer Science and Business Program.
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