CSE-241 3rd Quiz

I am taking CSE-241 which is a Databases course this semester. A couple other contributors on this blog are taking this course as well, I believe. As mentioned in there posts, instead of the usual format of midterm exams once or twice per semester, our professor gives 5 short quizzes throughout the semester each worth 6% of our grade (30% total). I am not the biggest proponent of this method. It is nice to not have to cram and study a large sum of material for an exam, but I think I would prefer that than have only 15 minutes to do a quiz.

I have done well on all the quizzes thus far, but today’s quiz was a little bit more complicated and I did not feel 15 minutes was an adequate amount of time to complete the quiz. Regardless, I believe I did well and, on the bright side, there are only two more of these quizzes left. Additionally, the next couple weeks will be the second round of exams in most other classes, so I’ll be getting what I wished for.

-Ryan ’15


About luryan15

I am a senior Computer Science major at Lehigh University.
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One Response to CSE-241 3rd Quiz

  1. ludaniel17 says:

    I also feel like the quiz was a bit much for 15 minutes. Maybe he will curve like the first time. Fingers crossed!

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