Scheme Programming

Scheme is a functional programming language that we are learning in CSE 262 (Programming Languages). Functional programming languages allow functions to be passed into and out of methods. Scheme uses recursion much more than any other language that I have programmed in. Recursion is the ability for a method to call itself multiple times until a solution is reached. Our first large programming assignment in Scheme is due in two days and each of the four programs used recursion. Recursion is difficult to understand at first, but it gets much easier the more that you see it and try to write programs using it. I have only written a few programs in Java that use recursion and I did not really understand them that well, but now after coding in Scheme, I think I will have no difficulty using recursion in Java. CSE 262 shows a lot of overlap between programming languages and it makes it a lot easier to learn a new language and improves your coding ability in any language.

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