CSE 241 Quizzes

In CSE 241 we do not have any 4 o’clocks, but we have five quizzes instead weighted at six percent each for thirty total. If I recall correctly, in one of my earlier posts I stated that I found this method of quizzes versus exams more favorable. After having taken the first two quizzes, I think that the quizzes vs exams would have similar results. We had our first quiz couple weeks ago on basic SQL queries. The initial average was something like a 58, but the quiz was curved to 68-ish. Thanks to the curve I got pushed from a B to an A. The second quiz was an interesting situation. There were four versions of the quiz distributed to the class. Half of the quizzes had an impossible to answer question. This fact coupled with the very low grades for the first question (only three total questions) resulted in a retake of the quiz. The original quiz was right before break, so we had to retake the quiz when we got back. Some students complained about having to retake the quiz since it was the professor’s fault. To make it fair, the professor took the highest grade of the two questions that were not messed up. I ended up getting a hundred while the average was around a 71 so I was thankful for the chance to retake the quiz.


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Hi, my name is Daniel, and I am in the Computer Science and Business Program.
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