Brodhead Movie Night

Quite often, Brodhead will host some sort of fun event such as ice skating or movie nights. Tomorrow, Brodhead will be showing movies starting at 8 pm. On the first floor, the Dark Knight will be played. On the fourth floor, Big Hero 6 will be played. On the fifth floor, Monty Python and the Holy Grail will be played. On the sixth floor, my floor, ShutterIsland will be played. I have actually seen all these movies, so I won’t be looking to go see any of these (I actually watched Big Hero 6 over spring break). However, my room mates have not seen ShutterIsland, so I recommended that they go see it. I will probably visit each floor just to see who is attending the events and say hi. My whole suite actually plans on pulling an all night Friday night and having some fun (I bought a double sized RedBull for the occasion).


About ludaniel17

Hi, my name is Daniel, and I am in the Computer Science and Business Program.
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