ECE 123 Midterm

ECE 123 is an electronic circuits class and is known for being one of the most difficult classes at Lehigh. Our midterm for the class is coming up this Friday and typically has an average in the low 30s. This class is required for all electrical and computer engineering majors in their sophomore year. So far in the course we have covered op-amps, diodes, zener diodes, bode plots, transistors, etc. With these topics, there are a variety of different kinds of circuit problems that we can be given on the exam. This is not a class where you know what to expect on the exam because there is so much that we can be asked, and these are not easy problems for someone who is in their second class on circuits. This is why the average is always so low. The class will be curved, but still many people end of failing this class and need to retake it. I have heard from people who have already taken this course, that all other circuit classes are fairly easy after taking this course because of how challenging it is. You learn a lot more than you normally would in a second circuits class elsewhere. The professor for the class, Professor Haller, takes pride in being a Lehigh Engineer and tries to make sure that everyone who graduates with an electrical or computer engineering degree is ready for whatever job they take.

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