Most professors at Lehigh use slideshows while presenting their lectures. Often times they will share the slideshows with their students to make note-taking a little easier. I have found this to be extremely helpful because it allows me to focus more on what the professor is saying rather than trying to quickly copy the notes from the slide because I won’t see it again. When the professor sends you the lecture slides, you only need to write down the important things that are not on the slides because you can refer back to the slides at any point. The slideshows are also much easier to read compared to the professor writing on the chalk board which is most likely much smaller and less legible. In my opinion, note-taking is one of the most important skills for a college student to have and by the professors sharing their slideshows, it makes this skill much easier to master. Not every professor does this, but that is often because the class does not require intensive note-taking or like in a circuits class, a slideshow is not that helpful because you are constantly writing on a diagram. In addition, in many programming classes, the professor will share the code that they write in lectures with their students so they can have something to reference when writing their own programs.

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