Back From Break – Now The 100m Dash To Finals

Today is the first day back from Spring Break. Although we had a full week off from classes, we were not absolved from having to do work. I had multiple assignments due today and I spent much of my break working on projects for other courses and my senior project. It was nice to finally catch up on some lost sleep from midterms the week before, but other than that the week off was far from a break. Essentially all the professors expect students to do work over Spring Break, and those who do not directly assign work to be due when we return imply we should be looking ahead.
As much as I would have loved to take a trip over break to somewhere warm, as I did last year, or veg out all break, it would have cost me. Being I am taking 6 courses this semester, I took the “week off” to catch up and get ahead in my courses. I went over old material I did not fully understand and began to look ahead at new material to be taught once we returned. If I did not take the week off as an opportunity to get fully caught up in my classes, I probably would have fallen behind once classes resumed. The reason is the next two months following break all classes begin to accelerate and move at a much quicker pace. It is basically a sprint towards finals and if you are not prepared you could do poorly in the second half of the semester. That is why it is important to keep up with your classes and make sure you reach out for help if you are still struggling with the older material.

I’m looking forward to the last half of the semester and my final two months here at Lehigh!

-Ryan ’15


About luryan15

I am a senior Computer Science major at Lehigh University.
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