Lenovo Superfish Scandal

Recently, I heard about a problem with Lenovo laptops that threatened the security of users. Lenovo was shipping its laptops with a third party software called Superfish that was supposed to enhance the user’s shopping experience. The software was not as harmless as it seemed. Superfish creating a giant security hole that made it extremely convinient for hackers to steal information from users, such as credit card or social security information. This Superfish junk came integrated with the laptop’s operating systems so it was not exactly easy to remove. The scary thing is that Lenovo knew exactly what it was doing and put its customers in danger. We learned in marketing how hard it is for company’s to recover from blunders such as these. When a company like Lenovo puts your personal information at risk, no matter what they do to try and justify their wrongs, there will be a huge loss of trust. I have never owned a Lenovo laptop, but I can tell you based off of their irresponsibility, I would never purchase their products. I am pretty sure Lenovo is getting sued for this too. You can google Lenovo superfish for more details.


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Hi, my name is Daniel, and I am in the Computer Science and Business Program.
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