Variety of Programming Languages

At Lehigh if you are a computer science or computer engineering major, you will be exposed to a variety of programming languages and coding environments. Freshman year I learned Matlab, Arduino coding, and Java. Matlab and Arduino coding were taught in Engineering 10, which is required for all engineering majors to give everyone a brief background of programming. CSE 2 (Fundamentals of Programming) taught Java and is required for a variety of majors in all colleges. Sophomore year I took a second class on Java and began studying Scheme and Prolog up to this point. Scheme is being studied in CSE 262 (Programming Languages) and we will soon be getting into Python and C. This class is only required for computer science majors, but it is a great class to take for anyone interested in programming. Some environments that I have programmed in so far are Dr. Java and Dr. Racket which are used for Java and Scheme respectively. Next year I will be studying C++, JavaScript, as well as many other languages. Each language has its own advantages and disadvantages which are important to know in order to decide which language is best for the desired goal for your program.

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