Circuit Design

In ECE 121, the sophomore electrical engineering lab, we had to design three circuits for our fifth lab of the semester. Previously, we were given the circuits and had to find different values. This time we were given the requirements that were needed for the circuit and then we had to design it. Personally, this was one of my favorite labs because it allowed you to be a little creative and not just follow a procedure. The first two circuits were pretty simple. We had to create an amplifier or filter with a certain amount of gain and had 3 decibel frequencies at certain points. For the final circuit, we were given a Bode Plot graph of the circuit we had to create. The graph was much different from ones we’ve had seen before and we had to try different ideas. This lab ended up taking longer than most of the others, but I think I learned more in this lab than any of the others. When you are actually doing experiments on your own without a procedure telling you roughly what to do, you learn a lot more. I believe that the final two labs for this class are similar to this lab where we are told what we need to design.

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