Since I live in Brodhead, I am literally right next to the Goose. The Goose is a small family run deli that is known for its hidden sandwiches and good service. The Goose is very popular among Lehigh students and residents around the area. There is a “secret menu” that contains a list of sandwiches that are not on the main menu (I put quotes because the menu is not exactly secret). The names of the sandwich are quite amusing and creative; some names include Charzard, Anikan, Leia, White Dragon, Krabby Patty,  Wooly Mammoth, and many others. Most of the sandwiches are loaded and satisfy whatever craving you have. Recently, one of my friends tried this sandwich called the five star which is an extremely STACKED sandwich that contains five pieces of bread all on top of each other. The five star is an absolute monster, and I was extremely impressed that my friend could finish it (it actually took him 3 attempts on 3 separate days to actually finally finish it).  Here is a link to the secret menu.


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Hi, my name is Daniel, and I am in the Computer Science and Business Program.
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