New Record Low Temperatures


Lately, it has felt like Lehigh is in the middle of Antartica. The cold has been brutal and at times almost unbearable. If you are planning on coming to Lehigh make sure you have a pretty darn good coat. Today, according to the news, was a new record low for the area within the past 40 years. When I woke up this morning, I could hear the wind howling outside my window and when I took a look at my phone I almost shed a tear when I saw -1°F with a Real Feel of -23°F. If I did not have homework due and an exam in my first two classes this morning, I would have been extremely tempted to roll back over and pull my heated blanket back over me.
The walk to class has not been enjoyable this past week, but I’m only hoping this cold will break or at least lighten up. I’d be happy even if it was 30°F at this point. One positive of this weather is the campus has been covered in a blanket of snow providing a beautiful natural scenerary. I can hear some of the prospective students on their tours in awe over how awesome the campus looks. Another positive is it will make me all that more grateful when the weather finally does begin to warm up, and Lehigh’s campus is even more beautiful in the Spring.
So advice to any prospective students from warm climates, be both physically prepared with jackets and coats as well as mentally prepared because the cold is no joke here. I am only from neighboring New Jersey, and I still can feel a significant difference from cold weather there and here at Lehigh, which is pretty much built on a mountain which plays a big role.
Don’t let the cold deter any of you that are prospective students thinking or planning on coming to Lehigh. You will love it here and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else; all I’m saying is BRING A COAT!

-Ryan ’15

About luryan15

I am a senior Computer Science major at Lehigh University.
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