Two More CSE Seminars

Last week I attended two more CSE seminars given by possible teaching candidates for the Computer Science department. The two seminars were on the following topics: “Intermediate SQL with Real World Application” and “Recursion.” Both seminars were fairly interesting. They were mostly a brief overview and introduction into each topic. The SQL seminar was useful as I had a quiz the following day in CSE-241 Databases; my professor was in attendance for the lecture. The Recursion seminar I did not get much out of as everything the speaker lectured I already knew, but he pretty much went through why recursion is useful and how to think recursively. Afterwards, he went through some recursive implementations of basic algorithms.

I expected much more out of both seminars, in terms of presentation and depth of the topics discussed. The purpose of these seminars are to assess how well the candidates can give lectures on their topics, as if they were an actual professor giving a lecture to a class. Personally, I do not feel both candidate’s presentation skills were all that great as I would not enjoy sitting through a whole semester of lectures with them. Regardless, I always take something way from each seminar I attend and if it’s on a familiar topic it’s always good to hear it for reinforcement. Plus, the free food is always a bonus!

Below are some photos I snapped at the seminars.





-Ryan ’15


About luryan15

I am a senior Computer Science major at Lehigh University.
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