Artificial Intelligence Extra Credit

On our most recent homework assignment in CSE 327 (Artificial Intelligence), there is an extra credit problem where you have to write a program that solves an 8 puzzle (shown below) using three different search algorithms. This class is not a coding based class, but two Java classes are prerequisites for this course so our professor gave us this problem as extra credit. Our professor supplied about seven different classes to help us, but we still need to two or three classes that pertain to our puzzle. I am currently struggling with writing this code, because it is the first time where I have not been given a list of methods that I need to write for each class. This time I have to do it (almost) all on my own, at least for the two or three classes I have to write. It also is a lot more classes working together than I am used to. Although I am not sure if I will successfully complete the assignment, it is still a great learning experience and will greatly improve my programming abilities

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