Search Algorithms

I am currently taking a class on Artificial Intelligence as a computer science elective. One of the key aspects of artificial intelligence is searching. The machine often has to search for a possible solution or best possible solution to the problem that was given to it. So far we have learned about a variety of search algorithms that you can use, but most of them are ones that are not that effective. The first search algorithms that we discussed were breadth first and depth first search which I have learned about in other computer science classes. These algorithms are very slow and take up a lot of space. They are simple programs but they are not very efficient when working with problems that have many possibilities. These algorithms are only used when there isn’t any given information on what direction the solution (or best solution) is. These along with uniform-cost search are called uniformed searches. We also learned about informed search such as the greedy and A* algorithms. These two algorithms use heuristics, which guide the machine towards what is most likely the solution (or best solution). The A* algorithm is guaranteed to find the best solution if there is one, while the greedy algorithm is just more likely than the others. Soon we will probably be getting into better algorithms. Without search algorithms, artificial intelligence is not possible.

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