CSE-012 Grader

This semester, I am a grader for CSE-012, Survey of Computer Science. I took this class 2 semesters ago and was chosen this semester to be a grader for this semester’s class. This is my second time being a grader/TA for a class, so there are not many differences besides for the actual content of the material. I will be assigned students’ homework to grade and will also have to hold two office hours in the sunlab. I do not need to proctor labs because the class times for CSE-012 conflict with my FIN 125 class. Overall, the job does not seem like too much work. The actual class seems to be different from what I took last year. When I took CSE-012 last year, it was taught by Professor Spletzer from the Mechanical Engineering department (I think). He did a great job teaching the content of the class. We mainly learned Python in the class and did many programming assignments. This semester, it is taught by Dr. B. The class structure is different in that it is no longer mainly Python and programming. The class now covers more theory of general computer science. It is kind of like a fusions of the old CSE-012 and CSE-001 (Breadth of Computing). This change was brought about to be more appealing to non CS major, which this class is intended for.


About ludaniel17

Hi, my name is Daniel, and I am in the Computer Science and Business Program.
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