Humanities and Social Science Requirement

As a Computer Science major in the Engineering department, I am required to take a total of 20 Humanities & Social Science credits. I am not 100% sure if this is the case for incoming students, but regardless taking humanities and social science courses will be required. This is particularly my least favorite part of the curriculum, as I’m sure it is with many other engineering students. I’m use to math, science, and problem-solving, so taking courses where much of the readings are subject to interpretation and double-meanings, or there exists subliminal messages hidden in primary documents, can be frustrating. I would much rather be learning a new programming language than learning how to appreciate different mediums artists use as I did in Art History. Regardless, humanities and social science courses are a requirement and they have proven to be helpful in expanding my knowledge into multiple subject domains.

This semester, I am finishing up my Humanities and Social Science requirement. As an engineering student, the key to getting through humanities and social science courses is finding courses that you truly find interesting. I am a huge sports fan, so last year I took a History course called Sports in Modern America. It turned out to be a great class and I actually enjoyed going to class even though it was at 8am! This semester I am taking US History 1 because I need to fulfill the “Depth” requirement of the Humanities and Social Science requirement. The “Depth” requirement is a student must take at least 8 credits in one particular department with one of the courses being at the 100-level. Since I took that Sports History course last year, I trapped myself into taking another history course. The class so far has been enjoyable. It is a very small class which allows for a discussion-like panel during class time. The other course I am taking is called “Ancient Aliens and Contemporary Archaeology.” While looking for another Humanities/Social Science course to take this semester, the moment I stumbled across this course I immediately registered for it because when else will I be able to take a course with the word “Aliens” in the title! The course is pretty much defining what archaeology is and disproving the crazy theories of pseudo-archaeology such as aliens building the Egyptian pyramids. This took some of the fun out of the course because it would have been quite amusing if the professor was some conspiracy theorist. Regardless, the class has been a lot of fun so far learning some of the crazy theories many people believe in and the stereotypes associated with archaeologists (i.e. Indiana Jones).

No matter what type of student you are, you will eventually have to take humanities and social science courses. However, if you are an engineering student dreading having to taking such courses like I was, make sure you do your research on each one and find a course you want to take!

-Ryan ’15


About luryan15

I am a senior Computer Science major at Lehigh University.
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