Friends in your Major

One of the keys to doing well in your classes is to have many friends in your major. After freshman year, you have for the most part the same people in all of your classes because you have the same major. No matter how smart you are, at some point you are going to want to ask someone for help with a homework assignment or to clarify something that you need to know for an exam. If you miss class due to an illness, travel, etc. these are the people you can ask to borrow notes from or find out what the homework is. In my opinion study groups are one of the best ways to study for exams. Some of the studying you need to do on your own, but there will be things you won’t understand and will want to ask someone for help. If this is the day before the exam, you may not be able to go to your professor for help and will need to ask someone else in the class (or someone who has taken the class). Older people in your major are great to ask to tutor you if needed. I have several friends who are a year ahead of me that I can ask questions to anytime. If you do not know many people in a major, you will probably have to frequently attend office hours (which is not a bad thing), but not all of your professors’ office hours will fit in your schedule making this difficult.

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